Tips for Tutors

Introduction about Studiestime.Com was launched not long ago and already is making a positive impact. There are so many International sites, which supply Information Technology, but we think we differ significantly to those others by our style in giving wanted and needed support to students and also giving the necessary exact academic help asked for at different times. We have designed our interactive web platform with custom help so it gives one-of-a-kind and easily accessed experience. Our student products, helpful customer support and dedicated ever polite tutors are determined to give a user-friendly timely and informative way. Our clients have included students, parents and caregivers who want the best for their child or those who need help with their studies. We have also proudly helped academics and those who are going through a bad patch in their studies or teaching from all places in the known world. gives customized service to any who wish for a certain guidance to fulfill their needs.


What’s An Online Tutor?

An online tutor can now take the place of a person who comes to your house for real to teach or assist you with various parts of your studies. You most probably will not ever meet your students in person. Other names for an online tutor are e-tutor, e-coach or something suchlike.

Being an online tutor can give unsure students more support and confidence in order to complete their study. By giving feedback through experience with the topic, giving those answers that they cannot find easily for themselves or just being there is very reassuring for students, new or older. Helping by putting together groups of pupils who are at the same level also helps.


Your Career as Tutor Online

Only a little while ago, tutors may have had to travel a great deal to help students so did not really earn a lot. Some even had to stay away from their own families. Furthermore usually only one student could be helped. With all the tools that are available and the Internet, tutoring has become very much more improved. You can now reach far more learners simply by being online. Even better, you do not have to leave your own family for days or weeks at a time.


This brings with it some other challenges however. How do you keep your students up to speed and motivate them to complete exercises you have set? There are many ways, such as Skype, to deal with these problems.

Benefits of Tutoring Online

The benefits of online teaching can be many for some. You can work from where you choose, instead of having to rearrange your living place to suit the student. If you work for an accredited business, you will usually be given the option of a good working package or be able to negotiate your own after a while of working there. Unlike a fixed classroom, you can be flexible with your hours. Established businesses usually have updated tools, so you have access to these to both learn from your own point and educate your students. Unlike one-on-one tutoring, now you can tutor more at the same time. The business will do its own advertising, so you will save money on this front too.


Top Tips for Tutoring

Encourage your students to give you feedback. If they cannot be online when you are, then arrange your schedule/tutoring to suit the majority, but also include those who cannot attend by having extra classes or lessons in those periods when those students are online. You can, if you wish, set up smaller groups and give them Internet time when it is convenient for both you and them.


Be sure everyone understands the set-up. Not every student will get it all first go. Encourage interaction through chat boards. One way of thinking is to imagine you are running a quiz show. Keep your format new and interesting and invite others who also have knowledge of the topic to participate. If it suits you, allow students to participate as you discuss the topic. But be aware this can consume a lot of time, both yours and theirs.


Do not expect everyone to join in. Some are happy to stay on the edge and learn from what is being said. You can always encourage them to have some input, but don’t force them. They may resent you and leave.


Allow participants to digest what has been said before asking for feedback. Some students need time to think about what you have said so as to relate it to their own perceptions of the topic.

Make Yourself a Brand on Studiestime.Com

Branding is one of those things, which are either very simple or very complex. It all depends on how you view it. Branding is another way of saying you are an expert on whatever you are discussing. If you specialize in Mathematics, then that is your brand. Primarily. Clients can view what you teach and know that you know what you are talking about. Being courteous and prompt to reply to queries is another way to build your brand. It takes a while to grow a brand online so use patience. If you teach a certain discipline, then always be looking for ways to make that topic more interesting.


Keep Things Fresh With New Input

Do you read some favorite websites? Then you know how boring or annoying it is when it is not updated regularly. After a very short time you give up going back there because you don’t expect anything new. And usually you don’t go back. There are so many other sites, which can take that one’s place. So keep updating input you have. It does not have to be too long or too much. But discussing new trends on subjects you teach, old subjects revisited, even updating your own content will keep the content fresh for eyes. Even just adding a cartoon or a picture can refresh your site.


Offer Your Services at Affordable Rates to Your Clients

Are you going to price your answers by the amount of words? Or charge a set price per hour? If your client hasn’t a clue, you will lose them if you have no idea either. You need to first identify what your client needs. You have seen what countries are they from. Most of Africa cannot afford what America charges for instance. So, plan a package or keep your prices reasonable for your clients to pay for your services easily and you will soon find if your prices are too high or too low. With the one, you will find you may have very few clients. With the other, you may end with stupid people experiment. Remember, you can always charge more without notifying students. But you can never go down, so it is better to set your rates a little high. It will often take a bit of experimentation to find your sweet spot.


Share Your Profile on Social Media

This can be a sticky point. Some tutors share too much, some share too little or too much of the personal variety. It is better to set up a separate account profile for your students and only share that which you are comfortable with. Letting them know you are married and have several children is fine. But how much you drank last night or what nightclub you visited is not. Include all your certifications and those qualifications, which are appropriate to what you are tutoring in. Add anything that makes you human, but not too much. This is not Facebook at its worst.

Reply Fast and Be Available Online

Get back to your client as soon as you can, not when you feel like it. This is very important for building trust. If a student does not trust you, then they are unlikely to use your services again. Set yourself times when you will be online and make these known to your students. Not everyone has the same schedule as you, so you can set certain times to suit the majority of students. If you are not sure, ask your students what times are suitable and keep these times free. Don’t forget - these students are paying you, so it is really their time you need to be available for.


Communication Is the Key to Success

Think about what your student wants to know. Admittedly you will run into that student who is simply a pest, but even a pest does need to be answered. As a general rule, respond politely at all times and appropriately. Try to get the student to articulate their question concisely but at the same time clearly. If you say you will get back to them within a certain period, and then do so. You would not like being left hanging, so do not do that to a student. Be easy to get hold of, but not too easy. Also answer the question clearly. When the lines of communication are open between a tutor and a student then there is very little room for misunderstanding.

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