Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy does not violate the intellectual property ownership of what others have created and requests our own users to do the same.

StudiesTimes is not responsible for any content used by other websites that users may access or find when acquiring StudiesTimes’s services and/or products. Any content material published on our website or being made available through another website, is copyright protected by law and considered an intellectual property of website owner. StudiesTimes shall not be held answerable for terms used on other websites, and these are not a part of StudiesTimes Terms of Service. policy is to refuse to use or handle those user’s accounts, which repeatedly break the laws concerning copyright, or infringe on the intellectual origins of or any other. This action will be judged accordingly on each violation using own discretion.

Notice for Claims in Response of Intellectual Property Violations/Agent for Notice

  • Any signature, whether physical or electronic, purporting to be that of a person authorized to act for the owner of the copyright or other creative property.
  • Supply StudiesTimes with a description of intellectual property or the copyright protected work and any other intellectual property that has been claimed by used is infringed.
  • Supply StudiesTimes with a description of location where the claimed material is said to be infringed. 
  • StudiesTimes would require enough information to locate the infringed content material on another site. All you need is to provide the URL.
  • Any place you consider as a home or business address. This includes email and phone.
  • Written paper supplied by you, which demonstrates you, have genuine belief of the disputed use is not permitted by those who own the copyright or the creative property, their servants or the legal aspects involved.
  • A written commitment by you, made while aware of the results of perjury, referring to the above information held in your Notice is correct and that you have legal ownership of such works, or has permission in writing to act on the owner’s part.

Sometimes, so that the owner, holder of the account or host which knowingly gave the allegedly not-entitled documentation to which has blocked permission to access, will accord a copy of an up-to-date Notice, which will hold a current email and name, to that person or persons misusing data.

By email

Important note:

StudiesTimes cannot accept attachments due to security risk and concerns. Any attachment sent by email to violates copyrights protection laws shall not be processed or received. To wit, such notifications of misuse made by electronically containing attachments will not be considered.

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