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Custom help is between the student and tutor only. We do not share anything with anyone. Online chat is free and available until you have hired an expert.


Frequently Asked Questions


Know how it works

Students are supposed to post their homework questions in the relevant field.

Students can then select the actual price that they are willing to pay for answers. Though posting homework questions is cost free, questions with a reasonable price offer for answers will surely attract the right teachers.


How to get in touch our teachers

You can follow the tips mentioned below to be in touch with your teacher


  1. You may notify your teacher at the question page
  2. You can request for assistance in public chat
  3. Your teacher will respond the moment he/she has seen your question


How to Select a Teacher

Reviews on teachers are going to help you with the selection of the right one for you. You will soon start getting answers to your queries. You must read the reviews on the teachers as you may choose the wrong one and waste time if you do not. These reviews are completely true, as they are gathered from other students the teacher has taught previously.


Tutoring Transparency and Teaching Qualifications

The replies to homework queries may ONLY be accessed as a helping piece or reference. This is simply such as looking at answers from last year’s questions, which has always been common when getting ready for this year’s examinations. If you submit an answer, which is exactly the same as your tutor gave you it is severely frowned on and will result in the institute,’s plagiarize department instigating an action against you.



This site meets with the standards of DMCA 512C. Using or uploading any copyrighted parts is completely forbidden. If you have any doubts, simply use information that correctly addresses the assignment you want advice about: For instance - The Principles of Microeconomics, name of the University, which week it refers to and the number of the exercise.


Obey the laws

Do not use this site if it contravenes any law, statute or limitation, which exists in your part of the world.


Payments outside the Portal

Offsite payments and interaction between a teacher and student is strictly forbidden. Any staff member found guilty will be dealt with harshly and he or she would void the protection of Payments outside our portal are likely to end in loss and fraud. emails and chat does not allow personal email shared with anyone here. We provide free chat facility to assist you in your search and for hiring an expert. Information for Students


How much money does it cost? offers cost free registration to students. You can post your homework free and the answers provided by the experts are subject to be priced by the author (teacher) himself. collects $0.30 + 2.9% on every payment made on our website.

For example: You will have to pay $0.59 extra to the on an amount $10.00 as priced by a teacher.


Do I have another option than PayPal as my mode of payment?

Of course, if you do not own a PayPal account, you can pay for your homework by using one of these methods mentioned below:


Credit Card / Debit Card

PayPal gives an option to use its portal for making online payments using credit card or debit card to their non-registered clients at their website. It does not require owning a PayPal account. Simple hit on the Pay Now button under the answer you have decided to purchase and follow the redirect page to PayPal website. Choose the option “Pay with a credit or debit card” and proceed. Click on “Agree” button after filling a short form that contains questions based on general information.


Homework File: How to Attach

  • Go to My Homework and Find My Questions
  • Click on the homework title and press edit
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Attachments’ button
  • Select a file and press enter
  • Click on the button ‘Ask Your Question”


How to get teacher’s help with your homework?

  • Type or paste complete question
  • Specify a price and mention due date
  • Provide complete details and information to your teacher
  • Notify teachers by clicking on the Question Titles under My Homework
  • Go through profiles, read reviews and select the best teacher
  • You can select up to five teaches and notify them
  • You can contact your teachers via PM or Chat option


What is meant by handshake?

  • Once you have notified your selected teachers, you will receive handshake by one of the teachers for your question
  • The handshake is agreement between the student and the teacher
  • Price and due date should be clearly defined in the student and teacher agreement
  • In the case you have modified your agreement, send the handshake back to your teacher for his signature
  • Teachers may demand an upfront fee for working on your project
  • The handshake completes when the students has paid agreed  down payment and the student and the teacher have both signed the agreement
  • Once the answer had been submitted by the teacher, the student is supposed to pay the rest of the money as per agreed within the agreement


What is down payment and how does it work?

The down payment process has been defined above in the previous question.

The down payment helps in buying credits to access your answer and the teacher you have selected.


If you are not satisfied with the homework assistance

In the case you have not received homework assistance as per your expectations you should:
  • Inform the teacher and suggest a revision
  • Clear the misunderstanding by simply contacting your teacher
  • Raise a dispute to resolve the issue within 40 days of the payment made to the teacher


The process for filing a dispute

  • File a dispute by clicking on ‘My Homework’ and relevant question title. Find and click on dispute button to fill the form
  • Provide as much information and details as possible
  • We shall resolve the issue at the earliest


Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes. We will refund full amount that you have paid in the case you are not satisfied.

You will have to supply us with the information on what went wrong within two days of filing a dispute

Students who have purchased answers to their own questions shall not be eligible for money back guarantee Only For Teachers


How to apply for the teacher job at

Welcome Aboard!

  • Start by registering yourself at our prestigious platform
  • Answer all the questions asked during the registration process
  • Work on maintaining a good rating and positive reviews to be successful at


Tips on maximizing your earnings at for teachers

Implement these strategies for success on our platform

Develop healthy communication 

With your student via chat or private messages. Follow US day time to be available on chat for your students. Most questions are asked during US day time period and this is when you get the highest chance of maximizing your earning at our website. New teachers can follow this tip to get started

Work on building long term relationship

Provide maximum satisfaction to the students to convert them into repeat customers.

React fast and be responsive

Your fast response can help you win more clients and your reaction will be helpful in maximizing your earning at our website. You should use Homework notification to help you react fast and quick to respond student questions.

Handshake is very important

Request for a down payment before supplying the students with answers. It will ensure your efforts are not being wasted.

Answer the difficult questions

It will help you get more reviews and attract more students to purchase your service

Do not overprice or set a low price

Quality does not come cheap. Your clients will be happy to pay some extra bucks if they have received 100% satisfactory results.

Answer featured question

It will be helpful in increasing the purchase rate for your service at our website.


Homework & Email Notifications

Students are notified by email notifications about their inquiries, updates and answers by teachers at our website.


In order to set-up homework notification, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your account area
  • Go to homework notifications
  • Add specific type
  • Click on the home notification button
  • Save


Note: It is important to log on to the website once in every 10 days to receive email notifications for zero priced homework.

Students with priced homework selection will be notified if they have logged within last 30 days at our website.


Payment Schemes

There are two types of payment schemes on When a student selects a payment method, one of the payment scheme is selected all by itself. The payment scheme is visible on the received payment table at our website.


Scheme for Individual Payments

If you have selected individual payment scheme, your portion of the total amount is sent to the PayPal account you have specified at our website. Any deduction on your payment or additional fee is charged by PayPal and it has nothing to do with us.


All payments are due within 45 days - THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS

A payment for an answer will be used as soon as it is made. Usually a teacher who has an established record and over $5,000 in earnings will require payment within 14 days.


Scheme for Aggregated Payment

If you select this method of payment, you must begin a withdrawal as soon as a payment is due. You can use this method for many purchases.


PayPal or Payoneer are easy withdrawal sites. (Payoneer MasterCard(R) or Global Bank Transfer)


Finances are be ready for withdrawal after 45 days for nearly all teachers or after 14 days for those tutors who have long-standing records and have earned more than $5,000 in tutoring answers.


Payment Processing Fee

Every payment is subject to fee deduction of 2.5% + $0.25 on top of website fees. This shows is paying the payment processing fee, which is more likely less than the fee you are supposed to pay upon receiving an individual payment in your PayPal account.


Payment Withdrawal Fee

For Payoneer Payment ---> A full list of fees and pricing will be available at the time of registration. Any fee deduction will be made from your available Payoneer credit.

For PayPal Payment ----> will deduct $1 fee for PayPal withdrawal. Withdrawing a large amount will help in reducing the withdrawal fee greatly.


For fee optimization, make sure you have selected the correct withdrawal facility. You have to keep account currency conversion rate under your consideration before being able to use that fund.


How does down payment for homework work?

A down payment allows the student to buy credits that can be used for purchasing your answer to the question for what the payment has been made for.

Regardless of a payment, you are supposed to price answers. Once the student has bought the answer, down payment credit shall be deducted from the price for the answer to be paid.

In the case, down payment exceeds the price quoted for a specific answer; remaining balance can be used for purchasing the next answer.


Payments (The average % will be fixed by me)

Fees that that teachers may apply are as follows:

  • Answers

               * If bought by the author of the question = 10%

               * If bought by another author =20%

* If a dispute with a teacher stays open for some time, then further payments will be demanded. This will include:

  • 5% extra finance increase for those teachers keeping a dispute open for more than 3 days or more.
  • 10% extra finance increase for those teachers who hold a dispute open for more than 6 days or more.


What is the reason why the costs are more when bought by another client?

Whomever you completed homework for was a deal you finalized. All of the answer was your work, time, pricing, etc. Should another person buy your homework that is extra money for you?

You keep 80% of this extra money.


What is the reason we take more of the fees when it is a dispute?

We are service givers. Any dispute means that clients are unhappy with what we provide. We must do everything in our power to make these clients content again. We are not intending to be only here a short time. Those clients who are happy with the service will usually return. They also let their colleagues and friends know about us in referrals.


Those fees that PayPal make are paid by the receiver of the payment.


Giveaways on Facebook

Those answers worth $3 or less which are not bought in one month from giving will be placed as Facebook giveaways. You will see them complete on Facebook Fan Page for those who use this.


Content Added After Answer Bought

When a student bought your answer to their question and you realize you have left out something, you can always add to your answer. You will need to check the answer the student received. They will be able to see the complete answer after you made the edited version. If you need to edit your reply, search for the question page, go down to your reply, click on the Edit button and fix your answer.

New attachments can also be added to the answer you have given.


How is a refund made?

DO NOT refund a new payment to offset what was paid originally. ALWAYS repay the original payment.


A held payment (one that has not yet got into your PayPal account) can be returned from the question page such like this: Click on the sub menu. A list of payments concerning this payment will come up. Find the payment you want to repay then Click ‘Refund Selected’. Make certain by clicking ‘Refund’.


A ‘held payment’, which is the subject of a dispute thread, can be found by looking for this written advice below the Transaction Tables. A refund can be issued by clicking on a link. This will bring up a checklist of what can be repaid in this type of dispute. Look for the payment(s) you wish to return and click on: Refund Selected. Ensure by clicking on ‘Refund’.


All of this next section is simply a guide as to how you can refund payment that has already hit your PayPal account. If you already are familiar with how to do this, then you can ignore the last of this section. Otherwise, search on PayPal for the payment number you wish to refund, if there is a dispute with over this payment that number will appear on the top of the dispute thread. Failing that, look for the number of the payment at My homework -> Bought/Purchased answers.


Go to your PayPal account, then to History -> Basic Search -> Find a Payment. Paste that payment number into PayPal and click on ‘Show’.


What Our Money Back Guarantee Means

ALL USERS NOTE: The money-back icon applied to your answer means you can get your money back with no questions asked. This particular policy is available by default if whoever the buyer is not the asker of the question. However, you can opt out of this policy through contacting us. If this policy is applied, it can gain more refunds, but statistics demonstrate that income as a whole grows when this is concerned.

If your answer is bought under this policy, that money will be kept for 3 days. During the first 2 days, if a student wants his finance back then all that is required is that person state what they think is wrong with the answer. The admin of the site will return the money quickly, almost right away in fact.

Why This Different User Name and Can I Change It?

All your Username is a slightly adulterated version of the prefix on your email. We have done this to make sure you remain private. However if you want to change it within 3 days after you have registered at My account->Edit. All you do is type the name you wish to use and Click Save at the bottom.


How Do I Change My Password

Proceed to Login-> Request a new password and put this in your email. You will receive an email with the reset link.


Concerning plagiarism does not deal in plagiarism. Should you wish, for a nominal fee of $2.00 you can have it checked before you buy the answer. Copyscape is our checker of choice, being one of the world’s best.


Once you have bought a check, the results will be visible on top of the answer. Click this link to see what is said about the answer and if it is common to other Web pages.


A ‘Visualize’ button shows at the beginning of each match on the results page. All this is a tool, which helps see the common factors between the answer and other Web pages.


Sometimes this button will not appear due to several reasons, so main checking page should be the Check Results Page.

Experts are not employees or representative of