About Us

Our Vision

StudiesTime website is a custom-built website for providing high-end quality studies help to students and clients anywhere in the world. Our vision is to provide a live online one-to-one exclusive tutoring environment to aid students in need. A personalized interactive experience with online classrooms accessible from iPad, mobile phones or personal computers is a sure shot guarantee that our clients get the highest grades and success throughout their academic learning period.

Our Mission

StudiesTimes.com supplies highly qualified and dedicated academic experts. Our mission is to solve our client’s study related problems and provide intelligent solutions. We intend to ensure they get high-class tutoring and coaching in all subjects from school to university level. Our criteria for the selection of expert academic helpers include extensive screening and background check. The experts are reviewed for their work and being prepared to provide one of its kind tutoring experience and studies support on the internet.


Our Clients

The list of our clients include students, families looking for a study aid for their children, teachers and academic help seekers from all around the world. StudiesTime offers exclusive customized study aid to cater to the individual needs of our clients.


Who We Are

StudiesTimes.com has been launched recently and proved to be a breath of fresh air. In these times of information technology being applied in so many ways, we believe we can be exactly the kind of support and aid every student and academic help seeker needs from time to time. Our interactive online platform is custom built to provide unique on-demand personalized experience. Our learning and tutoring product, online customer help, dedicated and courteous experts are dedicated to deliver a successful interactive atmosphere to each one of our clients.


What Do We Offer?

Studiestime.com offer services in these areas:

  • Custom Help

Using the specialized services, students can post their own individual academic confusions, which may be a simple question or can be something that is close to a dissertation theory, in almost any area of study. In return, the student will get a concise explanation of the problem from our qualified academic expert (Who, in turn, will be either a graduate or a Ph.D. degree holder).

  •  E-book and old book sales

Another dedicated to provide academic help and solution to our clients this section of our website offers a eBooks and old books sales in easy to share, download and PDF documents. The eBooks are dedicated to provide explanations on numerous individual topics and subjects. This section covers a large variety of eBooks organized and easy to navigate in a visually appealing manner.

  • Solution Library

In our Solution Library, thousands of problems reside. Along with these, the answers are provided. Whoever is responsible for each solution receives payment created when a student browses and in turn downloads any of the valuable study material that they need.



A detailed Frequently Asked Questions page at our website is dedicated to provide the users of our website enough knowledge on how to make the best use of our academic services and learning product.


Experts are not employees or representative of studiestime.com